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Publisher's Summary

     Blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming. It is close at hand Joel 2:1 (NIV)

     The hand selected soldiers at Kingdom Builders Worship Center have been on the battlefield for over four years. Everything they have been through has trained them for this final showdown. Most have been tried and tested and come out like pure gold. Others still have a process to endure to reach their spiritual identity and authority. When the true nature of the war is revealed, their thinking must shift.

     The angels sent to protect them and the demons sent to destroy them face off on land, sea and air. What awaits the warriors as they literally come face-to-face with evil is nothing compared to what will be revealed as they follow the path of obedience into the depths of darkness.

     Their faith is tested in ways none of them could conceive. Hard choices need to be made in order to survive the madness. Temptation for vengeance is almost tangible. They have to be watchful and not give in to their understandable emotions. The tumultuous path before them gets hard to navigate. Just when they finally think they can wrap their minds around what's going on, each showdown reveals a deeper level of warfare.

     The soldiers have God's unlimited power backing them, but it can only be activated by their obedience. In this season, obeying the voice of the Lord has never been harder or more crucial to the lives that hang in the balance. This war has been nearly 30 years in the making. As all the pieces connect more secrets must be revealed. The weight of those devastating secrets can only be carried by the grace of God. The Body of Christ is being served notice. All of creation is waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. It's time to be different. It's time to soldier up!

سلسلة راهبات روزفيلد

     Sisters Audrey, Trisha, and Sienna couldn't be more different, but when tragedy strikes, they are united again and again by their love for God and for each other.

Join them on a heart-stopping, globe-trotting, romantic adventure as they navigate everything from embracing their God-given destinies to grappling with estranged family, terrorism, the men they nearly lose and the ones who just won't get lost!

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سلسلة سجلات الحرب

As author Melinda Michelle would say, "It's real in these spiritual streets!"

Join Grey, Neil, and their ever-growing spiritual family as they discover just how thin the veil is between the natural and spiritual realms. As they and their friends and family learn that they wrestle not against flesh and blood, they are put to the test by the enemy and the consequences of their choices again and again. But through it all, God is sovereign, and He has a plan to work out all things for the good of those who love Him.

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سلسلة قصة الحب الالهي

Grow with Blake and Jasmine as they tackle the challenges of an interracial romance, dark family secrets, and the struggle to surrender completely to God in the midst of turmoil. Together, they learn to share His unconditional love with each other and those around them, building a strong community of "found family" and friends as beautifully loyal and diverse as they are. 

Color Me Blind: A Divine Love Story
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مجموعة شعر من القلب

Author and poet C. Melita Webb invites to to come and unburden your heart with her prayers, poems, and essays.

Her words will inspire you, soothe you, and encourage you to rise up and be the change you wish to see in the world.

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All is Redeemed in Truth and Light Cover.png
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God Placed You Here Cover.jpg
Built for God's Glory Cover.jpg
Living God's Love Cover.jpg
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